Will I Lose Workers’ Comp Benefits If I Go Back to Work?

One of the most common questions Kaleita Law Firm, LLC gets from injured workers is whether they can still get workers’ compensation benefits while working. While it depends on the situation, Georgia workers’ compensation law does allow workers to continue receiving some benefits while they’re working.

The benefit you’re most likely to receive while working are medical benefits. Even if you’re working, that doesn’t mean you’re no longer receiving medical care for your injury. If you’re seeing authorized doctors, you’re still going to get medical benefits even if you’re a full-time employee again.

But can you still receive income benefits while working? The answer is still yes, but only under certain circumstances. If you return to work but you’re unable to earn as much money as before due to your injury, you’ll be entitled to temporary partial disability benefits. This benefit is designed to compensate workers who are still capable of earning some money, even if they’re unable to fully return to their same duties or income level.

Temporary partial disability benefits can become permanent if your workers’ comp doctor gives you a permanent disability rating.

Can I Receive Temporary Total Disability Benefits If I Have to Work at a Different Job?

If you were working multiple jobs prior to your injury, and you’re still able to work one of your jobs, you may qualify for temporary total disability benefits even while you’re working. It’s rare, but it’s called concurrent dissimilar employment. But be careful—under most circumstances, taking total disability benefits while earning an income subjects people to civil and criminal consequences.

If you have any other questions about your workers’ compensation case, speak with the Atlanta workers’ comp attorney at Kaleita Law Firm, LLC today! We offer free consultations, so learn your options in a call.

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