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Douglas F. Kaleita is an Atlanta based lawyer serving the residents of Sandy Springs and Northern Georgia with their personal injury and workers' compensation needs. He is one of the most sought after injury attorneys in the Atlanta area, and his reputation precedes him as a dedicated and honest attorney. While he is known for his outstanding ability to negotiate on behalf of his clients, he prides himself on his ability to achieve positive case results without creating a long, time-consuming claims process.

Always putting the best interests of his clients first, he truly understands when you should fight and when you should settle in a fair and respectful manner. His ability to settle cases outside of trial without having a lengthy or stressful litigation process has gained him a valuable reputation.

Turning Tragedy to Triumph
A Message from Attorney Kaleita

The day I started law school in August 1987, I had no idea what type of law I wanted to do. I knew one thing only; I would never do any kind of law related to personal injury. That was because of TV lawyers. They were already all over the TV in South Florida, where I am from, and I found them distasteful, to put it mildly.

That very first day of law school changed everything. I read a case that day about a woman in Los Angeles who was getting on a bus, when the bus driver closed the door on her ankle and foot, and dragged her down the street for about a quarter of a mile. She suffered horrible orthopedic injuries and went through multiple surgeries for them. The case was Seiffert v. LA Transit Authority, and reading that case turned out to be a defining moment in my life and my legal career.

That very afternoon in August 1987, sitting at my cheap old formica dining room table, I finished reading the Seiffert case, and then thought to myself, in these exact words:

“Son of a gun. You mean I can use a law degree to help people like THAT?? Sign me up!”

That was the first time in life I realized the universe has a sense of humor. I started law school that morning knowing I would never do Personal Injury work, and went to sleep that night knowing exactly the opposite. I got the highest grade in the first year class at Wake Forest University School of Law in that course that first semester. And I knew from that moment on how I wanted to spend my professional career.

Now it’s 36 years later, and one thing has not changed; I still don’t like TV lawyers. They are the bane of the practice of law in general, in my experience. Some of them are actually pretty good lawyers, and some are my friends. Many of them are neither however.

It’s true that many TV lawyers “skim the cream;” take in serious cases; often settle them too soon or take pennies on the dollar for them; overlook available insurance policies; and have legal assistants talk to clients all the time so they don’t have to. I could go on about professional experiences I have had with them, and now I have lots of those to tell. But this is not about what they do; this is about what I do, and why.

I am grateful that I have been able to spend my career doing what I love; helping seriously injured people put their lives back together again after life altering injuries. I have the privilege of shepherding them through what for many of them is one of the most unfortunate or tragic events of their lives.

I’m not one of the wealthy TV lawyers, if wealth is defined solely by riches or possessions. I love what I do, which is a different kind of wealth. Being a counselor at law is about much more than money. I get my clients to the best doctors and surgeons; make sure their medical treatment and procedures don’t get sidetracked or ignored by the insurance companies; and get them back on their feet again at the end. Then I get them as much money as the legal system allows, so they can move on powerfully with their lives.

When I was a very young lawyer, before I was able to start my own law practice representing injured people hurt on the job or somewhere else, a colleague told me it was an honor and a privilege to practice law. I did not really agree with him at the time. But soon after that, I started my own law firm doing what I am still doing now. Since then I have agreed, for over 30 years.

At our firm, we are passionate about helping personal injury victims not only rebuild their life, but make it even better than before. Our Approach to the Law.

Your Atlanta Lawyer for Over 30 Years

Having over three decades of experience under his belt, Attorney Douglas F. Kaleita is capable of handling virtually any and all personal injury and workers' compensation cases. He provides top-notch representation, and is sure to put his clients' best interests first in every case he takes on. Attorney Kaleita becomes personally invested in the success of every client and he will do everything in his power to maximize the amount of recompense awarded to you.

With one of his best qualities being his ability to settle cases outside of court, he has garnered the trust and respect of many Atlanta and North Georgia residents and his peers. As a testament to his quality service, Mr. Kaleita is an Active Member in Good Standing with the State Bar of Georgia, and has never been disciplined by a state licensing authority.

Not only has Attorney Douglas F. Kaleita recovered millions of dollars for his clients, but he also provides a free and completely confidential case evaluation for those interested in using his services for a personal injury or workers' compensation claim. He is always willing to drive up to Northern Georgia communities to take on a case, and he is ready to help you today. If you or a loved one has been injured in any way, do not hesitate to contact Attorney Douglas F. Kaleita to get started on your free case evaluation. Our law firm looks forward to hearing from you today!

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