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Have you been injured on the job? You deserve to have an Atlanta worker's comp attorney on your side who understands what you are going through and who can offer compassionate, supportive legal representation.

At Kaleita Law Firm, LLC, we are proud to offer just that to the injured as well as their loved ones. When an injury or condition occurs due to circumstances at your place of work, it is time to seek benefits—as you have the right to do.

The workers' compensation system was set up to protect both workers and employers. In its simplicity, you would expect to get paid benefits to help you survive during the period of recovery from a work-related accident. In practice, however, it can become more complicated. That is why you need skilled legal counsel from a lawyer you can trust.

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Workers' Compensation Terms That You Should Know

Although every state has different laws when it comes to workers' comp, there are some universal terms that you should know.

The common terminology that you will need to know includes:

  • Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) - Permanent disability but not completely disabled
  • Permanent Total Disability (PTD) - Permanently and completely disabled
  • Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) - Employee is still able to work despite their injuries
  • Temporary Total Disability (TTD) - Employee is unable to work for duration of time

Benefits & Settlement in Atlanta Workers' Comp Claims

Even in cases in which it is completely clear that injuries sustained are work-related, the workers' comp system can be confusing, difficult, and complex to deal with. If you are searching for a workplace injury lawyer in Sandy Springs, we can help! At Kaleita Law Firm, LLC we are committed to helping our clients get their workers' compensation claim resolved as quickly as possible, and with the least amount of stress and confusion. Find out more about workers' compensation by accessing our site pages about workplace injuries and get basic answers by clicking on our page workers' comp FAQ. We serve all the communities in North Georgia!

Top Mistakes for Injured Workers to Avoid

Have you been injured while working on the job? If so, you are probably experiencing feelings of frustration, anxiety and possibly anger. In times like these it is very important to get educated on the Georgia workers' compensation system because any wrong move could be detrimental to the success of your claim.

When filing a workers' comp claim it is important to remember that insurance companies are a business and their ultimate goal is to minimize their losses, even if it means drastically underpaying each claim. Sometimes insurance companies even challenge workers' comp cases in efforts to deny compensation and benefits. In order to avoid this from happening, try to avoid making any of the following mistakes:

  • Lying to your insurance company or your employer- This should go without saying, but it is never wise to lie whether you are testifying under oath or not. When injured workers' exaggerate their stories or lie and make up facts in order to be taken seriously it can often come back to haunt them. It is safe to assume that the truth will come out and the insurance companies will hear about it and then your credibility will be diminished completely. There could also be legal consequences for lying in workers' comp cases and it could be considered fraud.
  • Skipping doctor visits for a prolonged period of time or missing your appointments- During a workers' comp case it is very important that you are consistent about following up with your doctor. This shows that you are serious about your treatment and it also is a sign to the insurance companies that your injuries are very much real. When you avoid contacting or visiting the doctor or you miss your doctor's appointments then they could begin to wonder if you are truly injured.
  • Passing up light work opportunities that come available- If your employer knows that your injuries affect your work abilities and they choose to offer you a job with lighter duties and responsibilities you should not be afraid to try it out. Refusing possible work will make you look lazy and it could even jeopardize the current benefits that you are receiving.
  • Failing to disclose your full injury history- If you are not honest and upfront about past injuries that you have sustained and the insurance companies finds out, then they could try and use this against you. Always be sure to tell them everything from the start so that nothing comes out to jeopardize your claim later on.
  • Not cooperating with the insurance adjustor- Typically in workers' comp cases you will be asked to give a statement under oath in front of a court reporter, this is referred to as a deposition. If you come across angry or you refuse to cooperate with them, it could have a negative impact on your case.
  • Changing attorneys frequently- If you do not feel satisfied with your choice in legal representation and you keep switching attorneys, it could count against you. When injured workers do this the insurance companies could see you as being a difficult or unreasonable person.
  • Not having realistic expectations regarding your claim- As you enter into your workers' comp case it is essential that you understand how much your case is and you have realistic expectations of the possible outcomes. If you start out asking far too much in compensation it could impede your chances of securing a fair injury settlement from the insurance companies.

How to Find a Workers' Comp Attorney

When it comes to workers' compensation cases, having the right attorney on your side is essential. It's important to find an attorney with experience in this area of law who can offer skilled legal counsel and advice. A workers' compensation attorney should have a deep understanding of the complexities of the Georgia workers' comp system, so they can help you understand your rights and get the benefits you deserve. When it comes time to file a claim, having a knowledgeable lawyer on your side will give you a greater chance of success.

Steps for Finding the Right Atlanta Workers' Comp Lawyer:

  1. Research attorneys – Start by researching experienced and trustworthy lawyers who practice workers’ compensation law in the Atlanta area. Make sure their practice focuses on cases related to workplace accidents and injuries, as well as helping clients seek out suitable settlements for their claims.
  2. Ask for references – Reach out to your friends, family, or colleagues who might know an experienced lawyer who specializes in workers’ comp cases in Atlanta. You can also contact other legal professionals or local bar associations to see if they can provide you with referrals.
  3. Check credentials – It’s important to check that any potential attorneys are licensed and certified practitioners in Georgia. Make sure they have a valid license number and at least several years of experience practicing workers’ comp law in Atlanta before hiring them as your lawyer.
  4. Schedule consultations - Once you have narrowed down your list of potential attorneys, arrange consultations with each one of them so you can get a better idea about their services and fee structure before choosing one that is the best fit for your case. During these meetings make sure to ask questions about their experience in similar types of cases as yours and any strategies they would use when handling your case specifically
  5. Read reviews online - Before making any final decisions take some time to look up reviews online from previous clients or professional organizations such as the Better Business Bureau or Martindale-Hubbell rating system which rates lawyers based on peer reviews from other fellow attorneys in the field
  6. Select an attorney - After evaluating all the information that was gathered during each consultation meeting choose an attorney that has the qualifications required as well as offers competitive fees structures that work within your budget range

Legal Help for Injured Workers Throughout North Georgia

At Kaleita Law Firm, LLC we serve the injured and help handle the complexities of workers' compensation claims. We bring almost three decades of experience to the table on every case.

Although we are located in Atlanta, we help clients in the following locations: Blairsville, Ellijay, Mineral Bluff, Blue Ridge, Fannin County, Pickens County, Canton, Gilmer County, Sandy Springs, Dalton, Hiawassee, Towns County, East Ellijay, Jasper, & Union County

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