5 Common Workers' Comp Mistakes Georgia Workers Make

Being injured on the job can be frustrating and overwhelming—meaning you may not be making the best decisions for your future while you’re reeling from the accident. Many worker’s compensation claims are denied simply because the worker made choices that inadvertently killed their claim.

Below are common mistakes that should be avoided while filing for workers’ compensation to ensure that your claim won’t be denied for something you could have avoided.

Mistake 1: Failing to Report an Injury to Employers

Believe it or not, this is one of the most common mistakes a worker can do when injured on the job. Workers can fail to report an injury out of fear of losing the job or because they can’t afford to not be working. Regardless of why, workers need to notify an employer in writing as soon as possible after suffering an accident. If you wait more than a month to report the injury, you might lose the opportunity to receive benefits.

Mistake 2: Making Errors on Claim Forms

Filing workers’ compensation paperwork may be confusing and overwhelming. You will be required to provide a lot of information while making sure to submit the paperwork before the deadline. If the paperwork is not filed properly, this could create delays and obstacles—further preventing you from getting the money you need. You’ll need to complete Form WC-14—file it with the State Board of Worker’s Compensation.

Mistake 3: Waiting Too Long to File

The state of Georgia requires workers’ compensation claims to be filed no more than a year from the date of the injury. If the claim is not filed within that time, your case will be denied—full stop. Although Georgia provides workers with a year to file a claim, it is vital to do so as soon as possible in case delays other obstacles keep you from filing before the deadline.

Mistake 4: Not Going to the Doctor’s Office

Attending the doctors office, regardless of the severity of your injury, can prevent your case from being denied outright. Make sure to visit the doctor’s as soon as possible after the injury. Apart from being good for your health, getting medical attention creates an official record of your injuries, leaving your insurers less room to attack your claim.

Mistake 5: Not Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Getting workers’ compensation benefits is difficult and complex. The pitfalls between you and the aid you need are numerous, many of them hidden—if you don’t know what to look for. It is vital to hire an attorney with the proper experience that will understand your case and will provide you with the guidance you need. Hiring an attorney will help ensure that an expert is steering your claim—working toward the best possible results for your case.

If you were injured on the job and are seeking guidance through your workers’ compensation process, contact our Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys at (888) 665-7699 to help you from start to finish.

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