Getting to Know Your Atlanta Workers' Compensation Attorney

Suffering an injury on the job can be a terrifying situation. Will you be fired for being unable to work? Can your employer retaliate if you try to file a workers’ compensation claim? What legal rights should you be aware of? No one should have to navigate this time on their own, which is why Douglas F. Kaleita has dedicated his career to representing injured workers.

Based out of Atlanta, Attorney Kaleita has provided legal counsel to countless clients throughout Northern Georgia. He knows that the most important thing is for his injury clients to feel secure. His mission is to ensure they are confident in his representation and confident in his ability to recover the fair compensation they deserve for their workplace injuries. Attorney Kaleita keeps his clients informed every step of the way, providing them insight and guidance so that they can move forward with reassurance.

A Career Rooted in Service, Support & Justice

Attorney Kaleita’s legal career began nearly two and half decades ago. After graduating from Wake Forest University School of Law in 1990, he quickly jumped into providing advocacy for injury victims. Attorney Kaleita discovered his niche as an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer, growing his skills and legal expertise in this specific area.

It is clear to see that Attorney Kaleita has a passion for serving, supporting, and representing his clients. He has one focus when it comes to resolving cases: securing justice on behalf of injury victims. He prides himself on his ability to negotiate crucial settlements and fight for advantageous verdicts when necessary.

Attorney Kaleita has recovered millions of dollars for injured workers and other individuals in his 25 years of experience. In that time, he has learned that lengthy, drawn out legal processes can be extremely draining for injury victims. Not only does he help carry the legal burden for his clients, but he takes it a step further by striving to resolve their cases in an efficient manner. Attorney Kaleita knows when to go to battle for his clients and when to respectfully accept a fair settlement. His main concern is to ensure his clients’ best interests are safeguarded during the entire process.

Putting Clients First in Every Matter

Countless attorneys can claim to value their clients and put them first in every area, but few truly live this devotion out. Attorney Kaleita has built a reputation on client service and is even known to drive up to Northern Georgia communities to assist clients in need. He has a firm grasp on workers’ compensation laws, always using this insight and knowledge to help his clients better understand their situation.

Attorney Kaleita can’t help but become personally invested in the success of each and every worker he represents. He strives to do everything in his power to recover maximum compensation for his clients, no matter the details of their case.

With the respect and trust of many residents and peers throughout the community, Attorney Kaleita is the caring and compassionate legal advocate you want in your corner.

Interested in discussing your case with our Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney? Contact us today at (888) 665-7699 for a free case evaluation.

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