Toxic Exposure & Workers' Compensation

Do you have a job where you are constantly exposed to harmful toxins? Prolonged toxic exposure can lead to serious injuries. Unfortunately, there are many harmful toxins found in certain work environments. By law, it is the duty of the employer to take necessary precautions to ensure employees are safe from exposure; however, there are still countless workers who suffer.

If you believe that your injuries are due to toxic chemical exposure in the workplace, you could be entitled to seek workers' comp benefits. Contact us without delay to find out if you are able to file a workers' comp claim.

Types of Toxic Exposure Claims

It is disheartening to hear that many workers end up disabled. It is even more disheartening to hear that these workers did not know until later that it was due to toxic exposure to chemicals at work.

Some of the most common toxic chemicals in work environments include:

  • Asbestos
  • Benzene
  • Vinyl Chloride
  • Manganese
  • Mercury
  • Certain Welding Materials
  • Production of Plastic

Asbestos Exposure

The most common toxic exposure cases that we hear of involve asbestos exposure. Asbestos is a toxin that can lead to mesothelioma which can be a fatal and debilitating lung condition.

Are you in the welding industry?

People who are in the welding profession are at the highest risk of toxic chemical exposure. Welders deal with piping, metals and glass all day and throughout the course of their work they can be exposed to manganese fumes and other harmful toxins. Many welders end up being diagnosed with brain damage, Parkinson's disease, or the common welder's syndrome. This syndrome is where the individual experiences problems with speech, balance, body tremors, and depression.

Unfortunately many of the conditions and health conditions caused by prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals are permanent. Exposed workers can develop any of the following:

  • Damage to the Eyes or Blindness
  • Damage to the Lungs
  • Damage to the Organs
  • Scarring of the Skin
  • Damage to the Reproductive System
  • Brain Damage
  • Cancer

How Is Medical Treatment Provided
in Georgia Workers’ Comp Claims?

Hurt workers are entitled to medical treatment at the employer and insurance company’s expense. Learn more about the method through which such treatment can be provided.

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If you are just now discovering an underlying health condition due to toxic chemical exposure, then it may be too late to correct your health. However, you can seek workers' compensation benefits to cover the physical and financial damages that you have suffered and may continue to suffer over the course of your life. Be sure to discuss your toxic exposure case with an Atlanta workers' compensation attorney from our premier workers' comp firm as soon as possible.

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