Occupations & Workers’ Compensation

Occupations & Workers' Compensation

What Types of Occupations Often Lead to Workplace Injuries?

Individuals can receive injuries in any type of occupation, whether they work at a desk or in an oil field. As a result, there are many different types of occupations in which employees can claim workers' compensation benefits. That being said, there are certain types of occupations in which there is a higher likelihood of a workplace injury occurring—such as jobs that involve:

  • Intensive physical labor; and
  • Dangerous chemicals and materials.

This also include jobs that generally place individuals in dangerous situations and environments.

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Types of Dangerous Jobs with High Risk of Injury

  • For example, construction workers often work at high elevations (such as when they are on a scaffolding), which makes them more susceptible to falls. Construction workers also tend to work with heavy machinery, as do individuals who work in factories.

  • People who work in law enforcement also put themselves in harm's way on a regular basis, especially since they deal with dangerous weapons and dangerous people.

  • Furthermore, individuals who work in labs might be more susceptible to exposure to harmful chemicals, laborers who do heavy lifting might be more susceptible to back injuries, and people who work in kitchens might be more likely to receive serious burns.

There are also certain types of injuries that can affect just about any type of job. For example, a slippery floor in a restaurant, bank, grocery store, school or other job site can result in a worker suffering a slip and fall accident. Shelves and wall fixtures that are not properly secured could result in objects falling on an employee. Furthermore, work environments that are do not comply with building and safety codes or other safety regulations can put workers at risk of being hurt.

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