Construction Accidents in Georgia

Counsel from a Seasoned Atlanta Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Construction sites are known to be extremely hazardous, often putting workers at a higher risk for injuries. From scaffolding incidents to equipment malfunctions, a wide range of issues can lead to injuries for construction workers. If you have suffered an injury due to a construction accident, it is important that you understand your legal options and rights. Our Atlanta law firm can help.

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At Douglas F. Kaleita, P.C., we make it a top priority to protect your best interests during this time. We know how overwhelming it can be to pursue a workers’ comp claim while suffering injuries. That is why our Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney is here to guide you through each step.

What to Do After a Construction Accident

Getting hurt on the job can be extremely frustrating. Whether you suffered injuries in a vehicle accident or due to a slip and fall, our Atlanta personal injury law firm is ready to help.

Make sure you do the following right after an accident:

  • Report your injuries and the details of the accident to your employer / manager
  • Seek medical attention from a work-approved doctor or professional
  • Stay in touch with employees who witnessed the accident
  • Check in with your employer to see if they have filed a workers’ comp claim
  • Keep track of all bills, documents, statements, and other information
  • Work with a lawyer who understands your case to ensure it is handled effectively

Backed by more than 26 years of proven legal experience, a commitment to client success, and a dedication to resolving every case with integrity, our Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer is the advocate you need in your corner. He is well-versed in the laws surrounding workers’ comp and can help you craft a strong and effective claim for deserved compensation.

How Is Medical Treatment Provided
in Georgia Workers’ Comp Claims?

Hurt workers are entitled to medical treatment at the employer and insurance company’s expense. Learn more about the method through which such treatment can be provided.

Get the Facts

Will I get fired for being injured or filing a claim?

Many of the individuals we have represented have to take extensive time off of work to recover from their injuries. Often, we get questions concerning future employment and other issues. If your employer does try to retaliate against you for your injury or for filing a claim, we can quickly step in on your behalf and pursue justice. If you are concerned about your employment, give us a call.

Our firm can review your situation and ensure you are treated fairly throughout the entire process. Fill out a free case evaluation today.