We Know When to Fight for You

When we are negotiating a settlement, we are not here for our egos, and we work to attain success without engaging in a long, drawn-out battle. We don't believe that will truly serve our clients' interests in most cases. You need to be paid, as you have medical bills, lost wages, and ongoing costs. A court battle could be the only option to resolve an injury claim, but we have found that working in a friendly fashion with the attorneys on the "other side" can be far more productive. We do what we believe will get results, and we often don't have to go to court to get these results.

Settling a Personal Injury or Workers' Compensation Case

Getting a fair settlement is always our goal. We are not pushovers—we just know how to negotiate in a respectful and friendly manner, and have found that this is a more effective strategy, and saves our clients the stress of a trial, and then a long wait for the settlement to be finalized.

When you take a case to court, even if you get a favorable verdict, an insurance company can appeal, stretching the case out even longer. After an injury, the last thing you need to be worrying about is getting your bills paid. We knows that, and we work fast and effectively, setting aside any concerns other than you, your health and your future. Our firm is interested in one thing only—getting your claim paid fairly. We know the law, what you deserve, and how to get you paid.

You Only Pay If We Win

With contingency fees, you only pay our firm
if we successfully recover on your behalf.

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Why We Choose to Negotiate Settlements

We don't want our clients to suffer the stress of a court battle if not necessary. We find that working in a reasonable fashion with "the other side" gives us the edge. Many lawyers like to be combative and contentious. This is not workable in many cases; it just leads to more trouble and the opposing attorney getting ready to prove a point at trial. We are not involved in this kind of egotistical game—we are here to serve our clients' interests exclusively. That means we choose the most workable method, and our ability to work respectfully with the insurance companies gives us "the edge."

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