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With 26 years' experience, successfully representing clients in all manner of personal injury accidents, Douglas F. Kaleita, P.C., is your Atlanta lawyer for North Georgia motorcycle accident cases. As motorcyclists have very little to protect themselves, or their passengers in the event of an accident, most motorcycle accidents result in catastrophic injuries or fatalities.

Neck injuries, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and broken bones are very common in motorcycle accidents. It is not only the victim of such accidents who suffer, however, it is also their loved ones. As motorcycle accident victims are commonly left with life-altering injuries, it is vital you know what options are available for you to receive compensation for the injuries and damages you received.

Having an experienced North Georgia personal injury attorney from our firm representing your case means getting the most effective representation on working on your behalf, without the need to get into a legal battle. In our experience, avoiding litigation can save thousands of dollars, not to mention the hours of stress clients feel when preparing for and appearing in court. On the other hand, we are dedicated to protecting our clients' interests, so are always prepared to fight aggressively during litigation, should it be impossible to reach a fair settlement.

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At our firm, we are passionate about helping personal injury victims not only rebuild their life, but make it even better than before.

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Liability in Motorcycle Accidents Can Be Difficult to Prove

Earlier this year, a woman was fatally injured in a motorcycle accident on Ga. 400 in Dawson County. The woman was a passenger on the motorcycle that collided with an SUV who was attempting to cross over Ga. 400 from Henry Grady Highway. According to reports, a local store captured the accident on their video surveillance equipment. Evidence like that could go a long way to determining who was liable for the accident and resultant wrongful death.

In one instance, a motorcyclist was fatally injured when a vehicle turned directly in front of his motorcycle. The driver of the vehicle was subsequently arrested and charged with DUI, failing to yield, and first degree vehicular homicide. In another injury case, a dog that ran out of its owner's driveway, directly into a passing motorcyclist, was determined to be the party responsible for the accident that caused the victim's injuries and damages. In fact, the judge awarded the victim over $500,000 in damages and fees, to be paid by the owner of the dog.

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There have been many motorcycle accident cases where involved parties have attempted to negate responsibility for the accident by laying blame on the motorcyclist, regardless of whether or not they were at fault. It is true that liability in motorcycle accidents can be difficult to prove, but that can be said of most accidents. In some cases, accidents are simply accidents. In other cases, negligence, neglect, or wrongful conduct played a part in causing the accident to occur. Should you be involved in a motorcycle accident, due to no fault of your own, you have a right to receive a settlement commensurate with the physical injuries, emotional pain, and financial losses you sustained. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, call us today.

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