Blog Posts in 2017

  • Appealing a Workers' Comp Claim Denial in Georgia

    Posted By Douglas Kaleita || 8-Dec-2017

    Georgia residents' workers’ comp claims are denied each and every day. There are numerous reasons why a workers’ comp claim can been denied, such as: The paperwork was filed incorrectly. The time period for filing was missed. The accident is being disputed. The accident is not “work-related.” However, a denied claim is not the end of the story. In the state of Georgia, ...
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  • What Are Georgia's Rules on Mileage Reimbursement?

    Posted By Douglas F. Kaleita, P.C. || 20-Apr-2017

    One of the most overlooked financial costs when it comes to workers’ compensation is the cost of traveling to and from your appointments. After a serious injury, you could be facing multiple appointments a week—medical exams, follow-ups, treatments, physical therapy—none of which are guaranteed to be local. The need for care from specialists (especially after a serious work ...
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