Blog Posts in August, 2013

  • What are Structured Settlements?

    || 22-Aug-2013

    Some Employer/Insurers in Workers' Compensation claims will wish to reach a structured settlement, with payments made to the Employee/Claimant over time. This can be common in larger claims, but it is also sometimes seen in smaller claims. The considerations in such situations in Workers' Compensation practice are largely the same as they are in Personal Injury practice, and will not be ...
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  • Medicare Set-Aside Allocations

    || 7-Aug-2013

    A topic related to catastrophic injury claims, but not limited to them, is the topic of Medicare Set-Aside Allocations or trusts ("MSA's"). This is a complicated area, and has been an important issue in Workers' Compensation for some years. An MSA may be necessary anytime a settlement is reached in a Workers' Compensation claim where the Employee/Claimant is currently a ...
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